we design and build digital solutions


The right hemisphere of the Elementary brain is strong. The design offering includes website design, mobile application design and UI/UX. If the project calls for it we extend these to include the corporate identity of the brand or business. For the most part the technical wizardry, which goes into mobile applications and software, is masked by the facade. It is this design that plays an integral part in the success of your project.


The ones and zeros department of Elementary has experience on many platforms and industries. Specialising in mobile application development and web development we can deliver your project on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile or HTML5. Not ignoring the need for software application development for Mac OS and Windows we develop desktop applications too. If it is a web solution you are looking for we build websites, e-commerce sites and web based applications. We take on projects of all sizes and complexity.


Designing and developing a solid solution is all based on the planning and strategy that starts the process. This strategy is quite often overlooked, especially in the bleeding edge mobile application market. With experience in a range of industries including, finance, health care, education and engineering, it is something we pay very close attention too.