About Elementary Digital


More often than not you have a pretty good idea of what it is you are looking to create in the digital space. You may not know how it can be accomplished technically but you understand the inputs and outputs that you need. If you want a website you will have a basic idea of what you are looking for, the same applies to software of mobile applications. Our job is to take this holistic view and refine it to the minutia until you have a precise understanding of what you want. We listen to you so that we can assist and guide the process of defining a solution.


Once we have understood your need fully we can start to think on the appropriate solution. In our context this can be something very simple such as choosing the style of website to develop for you or be as complex as creating the entire software design documentation. This could include the market analysis, platform election, deployment strategy, user stories and lifecycle planning. This process is where we use our knowledge to bring your ideas to fruition.


Once we have listened to your brief and understood your needs we define a solution. We discuss this solution with you so that you fully understand the process and what the end result will be. Here are a few projects we are working on.

What We Do


Listening to your need is the first step in any project. Understanding your request is the next. This process involves a conversation where we get to listen to your real world stories and apply them to a digital solution.


Branding is no longer a auxiliary function in a business or product. The perception people have of your digital solution or business will be determined by the branding process. Looks count in digital.

Mobile Development

Elementary plans, designs, develops, delivers and markets bespoke mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. With experience across a number of industry sectors, Elementary works closely with start-ups, large corporates, agencies and system integrators to develop native and web apps.

Platform Development

Elementary does a range of development over a range of platforms using a range of technologies. It is this multi-faceted skill set which positions Elementary uniquely to be able to research, design and develop custom solutions.

Web Development

The number one resource for sourcing information is the internet. Whether it be information about a company or an individual people use the internet to find what they are looking for. Elementary listens to your concepts and ideas and defines a solution best suited to you.

Digital Marketing

Creating a digital solution and deploying it is an exciting process. Once the solution is ready the next step is to let the world know it exists. From a small website to international mobile application, digital marketing is a crucial part in the process.